Facilitator Traning and Coaching Sessions 

As a Facilitative Coach, I work with you to advance your skills in the area of facilitation.

I assess your strengths and weaknesses and give you strategies, tools, activities, models, and content to build up your sessions to engage your audience and deliver content that is practical and useful. We work on building agendas, curricula, and activities and learn the art of facilitation. We identify your facilitator style and area of expertise and work on developing the skills to create magic in your sessions. We work on reading the audience and building momentum. I train you on how to read a room and pivot to address the group. We work on addressing difficult participants, over talkers, silence, presentation skills, meeting strategies, and flow. 

Pricing and Scheduling: For four sessions of Facilitator Coaching Skills, you will receive: 
• Four sessions of 90 minutes of coaching and practical application 
• Self-report assessment on your facilitator style and workflow
• Template agenda and activities
• Debrief processing tools 
• Question bank for discussion
• Check-in and strategies for your sessions
• Access to tools, templates, and activities to use during your sessions  
• Action plan for your sessions
• Template slides 
• Recommendations  
• Recordings of practical application review
• Identifying your niche and model for facilitation  
• Conflict management strategies for groups 
• Feedback models
• Facilitator toolkit

The cost of the session package is: $8,500.00
Contact us to learn about interest-free payments.

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