Coaching Model and Philosophy for Advanced Coaching Skills

As a Training Coach, I work with you to advance your skills. I assess your strengths and weaknesses and give you strategies, tools, activities, models, and content to build up your sessions.

I focus on your current skills and help you elevate to the next level. We record mock sessions, we complete field notes, and I provide solution-based feedback to help you achieve the next level of coaching within your practice. Why me? That is a great question. I have taught Masters and PhD students how to coach for over 13 years. I teach at The Chicago School Coaching and Individual Assessment. I take the theory and break it down so you can apply it. I work on tailoring your skills to help you better navigate the harder sessions. We work on learning new feedback models and active listening skills so you can dive deeper into the EQ aspect of coaching. I work with you to build the missing links you need to take your practice to the next level. The “how” is critical. We go through mock sessions, record, practice, review, and gain better access to managing difficult emotions that come up in your session. I train you on building field notes, learning social cues, and reading harder emotions. I go over how to address workplace trauma and limiting beliefs. We work on a model of conflict management that works for your coaching model. We practice building rapport and understanding how to navigate the different roles within being a coach. 

Pricing and Scheduling: For six sessions of Advanced Coaching Skills, you will receive: 
• Six sessions of 75 minutes of coaching and practical application 
• Self-report assessment on your nice and brand
• Template focal issues and narratives to practice practical application
• Check-in and strategies for your sessions
• Access to field notes, templates, tools, and activities to use during your sessions  
• Action plan for your Advanced Skills 
• Recommendations  
• Recordings of practical application review
• Identifying your niche and model 
• Conflict management strategies 

The cost of 6 session package is: $13,500.00
Contact us to learn about interest-free payments.

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