About Me

Welcome to my world. 

Thanks taking the time to read more about me. I am a Business Psychologist, Executive Coach, Professor, and Diversity Consultant. I love all things about emotions and helping people read and manage them. I am also passionate about equity and inclusion and spend a good portion of my time teaching and doing more research on diversity. I love my work. I am grateful that I get to teach at Elmhurst University and run Peagram Consulting. I feel I have a great balance of practical application and research so I can stay relevant and still lean into theories to support my ideas. 

I created The Ordinary Professor as a platform to help educators and leaders better understand how to apply tools and strategies to build connections and increase emotional intelligence. See, I believe that emotions drive our thoughts and behaviors. The more we understand about our emotions the more we can control our thoughts and have better outcomes. Its a win-win when it comes to decision making and making positive changes to our own behaviors. 
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