Coaching Model and Philosophy for Executive Coaching

As a Coach, I work with a strength-based framework. When you engage in coaching with me, I focus on EQ skills development.

I develop tools and strategies to help you navigate difficult decisions, communication, and relationships. I help you navigate your career and professional growth. EQ is all about learning how to read and manage emotions, so you need to practice and see how to build that emotional muscle. We go over the internal stories and limiting beliefs you place on yourself that are holding you back from achieving your professional goals. When you work with me I divide up my sessions into categories. The first four sessions are focused on the self. The next four sessions are focused on working relationships, managing up, and execute presence. The final four sessions are focused on a clear action plan and deliverables. We practice strategies and work out the hard details so you can learn how to use these new working habits and skills into the workplace. For more information, click here to learn about scheduling a session and pricing. 

Pricing and Scheduling: For 12 sessions of Executive Coaching you will receive: 
• 12 sessions of 75 minutes of coaching and practical application 
• Self-report assessment 
• Template emails and narratives to practice your new skills
• Check-in and weekly strategies 
• Session reports 
• Action plan 
• Recommendations 
• Tools and strategies 
• Blueprint to navigating your social skills 
• Sample recordings of practical application 
• 30-60-90 day plan
• Professional scenarios recorded 

The cost of 12 session package is: $12,750.00
Contact us to learn about interest-free payments.

Individual sessions: $1,500.00 

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