Welcome to the Ordinary Professor

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my space. My name is Dr. Kortney Peagram, and I am an Executive Coach, Professor, Business Psychologist, Diversity Consultant, and Emotional Expert. I provide coaching, training, and consultation to help develop social skills and emotional intelligence. 

My specialties are: 
• Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Coaching
• Coaching Coaches on Advanced Skills 
• Facilitation Coaching

I am all things feelings and social skills. I developed my skills by working in the field for over 15 years, where I learned how to train and educate leaders on emotional management, literacy, and regulation. I am not for everyone. I focus on building your emotional data bank so you can strategically navigate people, difficult situations, and change. I help you identify your strengths and focal issues with clear goals and practical strategies. I have over 15 years of coaching experience with leaders, parents, educators, and newly formed coaches. I bridge the gap between good to great by focusing on your skills and abilities. It is about aligning what you feel and believe to plan for new behaviors to live in your professional purpose. I focus on the more humanistic competencies to give you a clear vision of how to operate in your flow. 

Coaching Model and Philosophy for Executive Coaching

As a Coach, I use a strength-based approach, focusing on EQ skills development. I offer tools and strategies for decision-making, communication, and relationship handling. I help you grow professionally, teaching you to read and manage emotions. We address self-imposed limitations and work towards your professional goals. Our sessions are divided into three categories: self-focus, managing relationships and executive presence, and action plans. We practice these new habits and skills for your workplace. Click here for scheduling and pricing info.

Coaching Model and Philosophy for Advance Coaching Skills

As a Training Coach, I assess your skills, providing strategies and tools to level up your sessions. We conduct mock sessions and field notes, with solution-based feedback for improvement. With over 13 years of coaching Masters and PhD students at The Chicago School Coaching and Individual Assessment, I simplify theoretical concepts for application. I tailor your skills for challenging sessions, teaching new feedback models and active listening for deeper EQ coaching. We practice managing difficult emotions, social cues reading, addressing workplace trauma, and conflict management. Together, we’ll build the missing links to elevate your coaching practice.

Coaching Model and Philosophy for Facilitator Coaching Skills

As a Facilitative Coach, I assist in enhancing your facilitation skills. This involves assessing your strengths and weaknesses, providing strategies and tools, facilitating engaging sessions, and delivering useful content. We focus on building agendas, curricula, and activities, understanding your facilitator style, and refining skills to create engaging sessions. Training includes reading the audience, managing difficult participants, and improving presentation skills.

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