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Welcome to the Ordinary Professor

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my space. My name is Dr. Kortney Peagram and I am an Educator, Business Psychologist, Professor, Diversity Consultant, Executive Coach, and Emotional Expert. I provide coaching, training, and consult with organizations and schools to help the develop social skills and emotional intelligence. I focus on inclusion, emotional regulation, communication, and psychological safety.  

As a Consultant, I work with a strength based framework and focus on skills development. I use activities and tools to engage my clients and groups to learn how to work with what I am teaching them. Emotional intelligence is learning how to read and manage emotions, so you need to practice and see how to build that emotional muscle. Additionally, diversity is evolving and is a series of building blocks, so it is important to learn the terms and how to apply new practices in a safe environment. It all starts with going back to feeling seen and heard. It is about understanding and the willingness to open up about how we want to be treated. Emotions play a vital role in the workplace and schools. 

Building psychological safety is the first steps in coaching and diversity training. It is about understand how we can establish respect in trust in the group. These skills are often difficult to learn through reading or seeing, we need to practice, process, and apply to see how it all works. I have 19 years of experience when it comes to experiential learning, which means the process of learning through doing. This is a skill that I have developed and crafted. As a trainer and facilitator, I work on engaging a group through active discussions, case study, activities, and processing tools. It helps our different learning styles and gives us permission to try new strategies and tools. It is a great way to learn new content. 

What makes me different than other consultants is my niche when it comes to emotional intelligence and experiential framework. I customize all my programs to fit the individual or the organizational need. I have built online classes, curriculums, workshops, and manuals to help organizations with interpersonal skills, leadership development, and diversity. My area of focus as a professional: 

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Executive Coaching
  • Diversity
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Sexual and Workplace Harassment
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